Monday 08 October 2012

Checking the radar for Saturday and Sunday the migration was exceptionally light.  Birds were still moving through but in relatively low numbers.

Last night however there was a sustained moderate flight with pockets of heavy migration.  Actually the heaviest i’ve seen over the last couple of weeks — but still not “massive” by any means.  This persistent weather pattern is favoring continuous steady and easy movement south.  I suspect the pulses we get, like last night, are large flocks of big birds, probably ducks and geese.  Without any storms putting birds down and holing them up this type of movement will continue.

Looking at the surface map we can just see a low pressure system taking shape out in the Pacific.  Depending on the interaction with the high pressure cell off the coast of BC the low may push its way on shore.  If it has sufficient oomph we could see some south wind and maybe some rain.  That will put a stopper in the south bound pipeline and bottle up some migrants for us.