Friday 05 October 2012

Not much happening last night.  Light to moderate returns on the radar — which is back up today.  There remains southbound movement but just very little last night.

The high pressure ridge is stuck in the Gulf of Alaska and i don’t foresee much change over the weekend.  The winds are being driven more by temperature differentials and are quite variable.  Strong east winds during the day and then dying down as it cools and switching to the west.  I don’t see that as a barrier to nocturnal flights.

There was a post on the Oregon listserve by a prominent birder that i found interesting — here’s the link.

Potential for vagrants because of “persistent strong northeasterlies”, and “The pattern of northeasterly winds, particularly in the mid-continent…”.  Hmmm, i’m not sure where Dave is getting his data but looking back this past week i don’t see any NE winds mid-continent and the main NE winds regionally are mostly off shore. Our local east winds have been sort of persistent but i’m not sure how they would pull vagrants from the Central Flyways. Even still, Dave has a vast knowledge of regional avian behavior and it is worth taking note.  So be on the lookout for out of place birds this weekend while your in the field.

Speaking of which, that’s where i’ll be and out of technology’s reach this weekend.  Next update will probably be Monday.