Tuesday 02 October 2012

With another high pressure system building in the northern Pacific it looks like the recent weather pattern will be continuing, at least through the rest of this week.

With that, there is not much to say about the migration that hasn’t been said this season — moderate steady movement south.

Although, looking at the Seattle (ATX) returns from last night we can see that the flow across the Straight has diminished.  We can still see birds crossing the Straight but at 10 – 15 dBZ levels.  I would hazard an inference that we are past the hump and on the downhill side of the season.  There’s plenty more birds to come but we’re probably past the halfway point.  Most of the neo-tropicals are likely passed and well to the south of us.  It will be mostly ducks and geese, and an occasional straggler from here on out.