Monday 01 October 2012

This season’s long lasting and stable weather system, while absolutely the bomb, has not brought any massive migration events.  The birds are just leisurely making their way south with nothing holding them up.  Bugs are plentiful across the landscape so they can disperse and feed widely.  The wind has been continuously in the migrant’s favor so they can put lots of distance in each night.  I can’t think of a single stressing factor our little friends have had to endure the whole season.  Who knows for sure but, i think these are the factors that account for the lack of any single large migration event this season.

Migration returns last night were moderate with spots of heavy, 25 dBZ, movement.  As has been the case for over a week, the heavy returns are along the western flanks of the Cascades.

I was in the field yesterday and went to Sauvie Island as it was the last day before restricted access.  Cackling Geese are numerous, duck numbers are building (lots of brown ducks!), a few shorebirds are still around, but i did not come across any big flocks of passerines, except Pipits — lots of Pipits.