Thursday 30 August 2012

There is a large but not quite organized high pressure system out in the Pacific.  This should predominate our weather for the next few days at least.  The weather will be favoring southbound migrants.  Rainless, partially cloudy skies with winds out of the north,  Winds just offshore will be stronger than inland and i suspect birds to take advantage of them.

More reports of ducks keep trickling into the local listserves, shorebird composition is changing a bit, and the rarity or two are popping up where there are observers out looking for them.  Last night we had moderate levels of returns from 15 to 20 dBZ.  Coastal migrants are flying below the radar behind the mountain shadow so we can’t tell what’s going on over there.

Speaking of coastal migration, i’m not sure what’s up with Washington’s new coastal NEXRAD station.  I thought it went on line last year, but it doesn’t show up on the grid.  Curious.  I’ll ask around and see if i can find out what the story is.  I was looking forward to that data as mentioned in an earlier post.

UPDATE: the GLX radar is up and running and can be seen in the Regional Composite.  I posted a static image in the gallery.  I am still not sure why there is no individual station marker on the radar map nor any access to that station’s data directly.

With the full moon – moon watching for nocturnal migrants should be productive over the weekend.

Regarding the weekend — i’ll be gone – so migration updates won’t resume until sometime next week.  But: “Birds are coming, look busy!” (DLaP)