Tuesday 28 August 2012

Pacific Northwest migration update:

A low pressure cell off the coast is throwing 10 knot southerly winds at our feathered friends.  Not too strong obviously as we had our first 20 dBZ returns on the radar this season.  Small, but they are there — look closely at the tri-county junction around 6:00 UTC.  Velocity plots show the birds moving at 10 to 20 knots into the headwind.

Shorebirds predominate the listserves and night flight calls have been reported.  This morning around 4:00 AM PDT i also heard a number of calls overhead.  No idea what they were, but birds are definitely on the move.

A static image of the National base reflectivity taken at 5:00 UTC (10 PM PDT) has been included in today’s update.  The Mississippi and Central flyways are jammed with birds — without the TSA or air traffic control.