2012 Fall Migration Update

Where are the radar images and the like for the Fall?  Buried behind other pressing obligations that’s where.

Shorebird migration has been in evidence since June and really picked up in August.  We’re just beginning to see the passerines on the move.  The good folks up at the Tatlayoko Bird Observatory in BC are now seeing decent pushes of migrants.  Be sure to drop in on Avery and company for a sneak peek at what’s in store for us down south.  Of course they get some migrants headed for the central flyways that we would only see as vagrants.

As to this season here on birds over portland?  Well i have added a Fall Migration Phenology page thanks to Joel Geier from Corvallis. So, check that out and note the attributions for this great body of work and the caveats included from the authors.

Other than that i will be posting some updates once things heat up but certainly not on a daily basis this season.  I just can’t squeeze in the effort this time around.  So check the sidebar for weather and migration news elsewhere and definitely visit Paul Hurtado’s archive of daily national composite radar images — they are spectacular!

So as David LaPuma says, “Birds are coming, look busy!”