2012 Spring Migration Recap – Spring’s Final Post

All except for the Nighthawks and Red-eyed Vireos – the rest of the crew has showed up.   Over the next couple of weeks we should still see some straggler and final wave migrants showing up on the radar.  A few birds will be continuing the trek to northern breeding grounds,  while the earliest arrivals are sitting on eggs or even feeding the recently hatched.

Below is a .pdf file that has static snap shots of the national radar mosaic – one day per page in chronological order.  There are 58 images starting on 06 March and ending with last night the 24th of May.  I missed a few days here and there but it is still a spectacular scene.  So if you’re up to paging through – enjoy the ride, it’s been a blast!


Personally, I’m headed into the field for a week or two, and with that, I’m closing down the updates for the season.  But true to the mission of this site I’ll be back in the fall, all things permitting.  Until then: Cheers! And enjoy your summer!