03 May 2012 – PNW Migraion Update

Well, the rains came a little earlier than predicted yesterday.  We were looking for an abbreviated flight, but got none instead.  Any birds squeaking through the weather did so undetected by the radar. Just another day in Puddle City.

In the field: isolated reports suggest a slight increase in activity yesterday.  A few new birds being found here and there.  Bullock’s Oriole has made it to the Columbia, a few more inland shorebirds are being seen, and Mt Tabor had “some sustained action with decent numbers of birds and pretty good variety.” So birds are finding their way north in spite of less than ideal conditions.

Regionally: Medford had the briefest of flights out of the area only to be knocked down by unscheduled rain.  The CA Central Valley had moderate to heavy migration as far north as Redding.  Shasta County being the northern boundary of detectable movement due to rain.

PDX outlook for the next few days remains the same.  Solid chances for rain through early Saturday morning – easing before dawn.  The next favorable conditions for migration looks to be for the  Saturday evening flight.  The winds will be out of the WNW on the back side of this current system but they are predicted to be light – under 10 knots.

Nationally: conditions are the same as yesterday – just shifted a bit by the weather.  Heavy migration can be seen throughout the three Flyways east of the Rockies.  Storms are cutting off migration in local situations.  We can see these storm tracks from Nebraska to Vermont with a sweet little window through Michigan.  Depending on the timing of the storms, birds may have put down and concentrated as northbound migrants ran into impassable situations.

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