01 May 2012 – PNW Migration Update

Locally: migrants can be seen picking their way between the clouds last night.  Not in great numbers, but movement non the less.  I suspect most of this will be movement out of the area rather than into the area.

In the field: reports continue in the same vein — already accounted for birds in low numbers being seen just by different people.  An exception seems to be on the coast: lots of movement and in good numbers being reported — shorebirds and geese.  Too bad we don’t have a radar window to look out of over there. One enthusiastic report from Eugene may have validated the prediction made yesterday  for that area — but maybe not.  Only one report.  In the rain yesterday at the swale i had the first Dowitchers of the season, a brace of them; three each of Black-bellied Plovers and Greater Yellowlegs; and 25 or so peeps with at least 10 or them being Westerns.  I’m not sure of when they showed up.  Really weird was the lone Tundra Swan hunkered down against the weather.

Regionally we can see very light movement in the Medford area.  Nothing much to get excited about though.  The returns were so low it’s a stretch to eliminate ground clutter as the major source.  Birds are still very active in the CA Central Valley.  The forecast is not looking too good for wave movement over the next few days. We may get lucky with the timing of the rain today as it is scheduled to taper off through the evening.  But tomorrow the rain’s schedule is for the early evening, and tapering off into Friday as the low moves through.  The weekend is set up for winds out of the north on the back side of the low.  But who knows! both the weather and the birds never cease to surprise, and dash the predictions of the fools who rush in!

Nationally the weather systems continue to move north east, taking the birds with them.  The heaviest migration taking place south of these limits from Texas to New England.  To the north its catch as catch can and will be mainly exodus of the locals.  There are a lot of birds in the pipeline and those areas from the Ohio valley eastward who have been under lock down should be seeing some significant turn over in the next few days.

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