Sun 29 April 2012 – PNW Migration Update

Today’s local radar loop has been truncated due to problems at UCAR – the data source.  The animations begin around 12AM last night.  To get a national loop you can check out Paul Hurtado’s site for last night’s archived data here.  This links can also be found in the side bar to the right under Weather.

Locally: with the passing of the low pressure the winds turned northerly.  Luckily for the birds they were very light, not reaching more than 10 knots and didn’t turn until midnight or so.  Without a stiff wind in their face, and rain to knock them down, the birds took to the air and we had a moderate flight last night with pulses of heavy migration.  So we should have a new mix of birds, but i don’t expect it to be a significant wave.  Just a mixing, and a probable increase in the number of individuals.

In the field: i spent the day along the Columbia from Scappoose to St. Helens.  While the number of Yellow-rumps was impressive,  the variety was quite low.  Only the Sora and Am. Bittern put in a showing.  The local listserves have about the same report — low levels of existing birds, and some birds known to be in the area, MIA.  Mt Tabor has more birders than birds according to one report, but if you want to see what’s already in town, this seems to be the place to go.  Tryon Creek got a mention as well.

Regionally: there was a decent flight over the Siskiyous last night, and Medford should be seeing some new arrivals.  The CA Central Valley was active again last night as well.  I really don’t see the makings of significant waves of migrants staging.  It looks more like a slow trickle.

Unlike what continues to happen along the Gulf Coast, where migrants just pour in.  The northern boundary to heavy migration is still being set by the stationary front cutting the country in half from Tulsa to Richmond.  Behind that, local  pockets of migration can be seen — that will be local movement like we are seeing here in Portland.

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