Thurs 26 April 2012 – PNW Migration Update

Locally a change in weather was in the air and the rains started just as the birds were scheduled to depart.  Their flight has been delayed.  This low pressure system is forecasted to move over us the next few days.  Rain today and maybe tomorrow. By Saturday the winds will be unfavorably out of the north as the center of the low moves east.  That condition should last a couple of days depending on pressure differentials.  But forecasts are just that and experience shows — things can change.

In the field: yesterday’s reports continued to be good for variety and density in the traditional migrant traps.  This put the bulk of sightings on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The heaviest radar returns were from Saturday – Monday.  The migrants showed up heaviest as the clouds began to come back over the area and the high temperatures dropped 20 degrees from their peak in the 80’s over the weekend.  An interesting set of conditions that we are noting to look for future patterns.

Regionally: the whole Pacific Flyway has the same forecast except for local pockets.  Migration is on hold.  Stay tuned.

Nationally the Gulf coast was rockin’ again last night!  As the low pressure systems move — so do the birds.  The Central Flyway saw a bit of an easing, while the Mississippi Flyway and Ohio Valley had a good influx of migrants that were staging along the gulf the last couple of days.   The Atlantic flyway was most active in the Southeast and partially up the Atlantic seaboard.  A storm front cut off migration in some areas and depending on timing could of acted as a barrier and concentrated some incoming migrants.  The New England area is just going to have to sit this one out and wait their turn.

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