Mon 23 April 2012 – PNW Migration Update

Locally the migration was just a touch lighter last night than the previous two nights.  The radar was in and out of precipitation mode as the light rains passed over the region so that skews density readings a bit.  But it certainly appears that the birds ignored the negligible precipitation and northerly surface winds.  The winds aloft were at their backs so that helped.

As to where these birds are during the day?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Yes, we are seeing the odd, here and there, reports of expected migrants, but they are not widespread and are for lone, or at best, a few individuals.

Regionally the pipeline remains primed.  There is no shortage of birds to our south so prospects for this week are looking good.  Providing we find out where these little buggers are hiding!  We are even getting some really solid returns in eastern Oregon off the Boise radar.  We don’t see these level of returns all that often.

Nationally the weather is dictating northern movement.  A glance at the 850 mb and national composite plots will show you what is going on.  That strong low pressure cell that is centered on the eastern seaboard is spawning some severe weather and strong northerly flow over most of the east.  Get just outside of that in central Texas, north and west and that’s where we find migration happening.  An interesting strong pocket of southerly winds in the Dakotas is facilitating some rather heavy migration there.

For a more detailed discussion of migration back east check out the NEXRAD Trackers found in the sidebar to the right.  And now joining the BIRDAR Network out of Arizona – Words About Birds by Tim Schreckengost