Sun 22 April 20120 – PNW Migration Update

Just another night on the migration super highway!  And just another real quick post before i head out into the field.

The whole Pacific Flyway was lit up again last night.  Today we’ll be seeing all of those birds that crossed the Siskiyous yesterday and put down in the Medford, Roseburg area.  And they have plenty of replacement birds headed their way.

I suspect that yesterday, the heavy fog that covered the northern valley concealed visual cues from descending birds and they dispersed instead of concentrating at the traditional migrant traps.  Just a guess, because i went to Mt Tabor in the fog and the birds weren’t dripping from the trees.  In fact it was pretty quiet.  Anyway today i get to test that theory — no fog, and LOTS of new arrivals.

So get out there and go birding.  And if you can, come back and let us know what you’re seeing and where you’re seeing it in the comment section.  We’re getting more and more reports of new arrivals on the listserves too.

Anybody reading this from the Dalles — holy smokes folks the Deschutes River valley looks to be under attack!  It’s rare that we get to see such solid green returns on the east side on this radar.  That means the birds are heavy and flying high.