Thurs 19 April 2012 – PNW Migration Update

Locally we had a moderate influx of new birds passing over Portland last night.  And, there was heavy movement out of the area.  Mainly up the east side of the I5 corridor.  We should be able to find new birds in the area scattered about.  But, the vast majority of the migrants last night passed over the area.

In the field: a FOY Sora was calling from the Blount Rd seasonal wetland.  Nothing new from the listserves.  And eBird is showing Chipping Sparrows arriving in Multnomah County.

Regionally: scattered rain across the Siskiyous from Redding to Roseburg and an associated northerly flow kept the birds grounded again last night.  Looking at the KMAX regional composite we can see that the Central Valley is once again staging birds for us.  When we get some favorable conditions in the Siskiyou region it should be like a floodgate opening.  No doubt some birds are inching north in spite of the rain and wind, but nothing widespread has happened in a few days.

Nationally:wind and rain along the eastern seaboard shut down migration there.  Some light migration up the Ohio valley and into upper New England can be seen and it gets heavier along the lake fronts.  The main push is up the Central and Mississippi Flyways and as far north as weather allows.  The national composite animation can be seen here. (although it seems last night’s capture is a bit glitchy)

Check in with the migration monitors back east for a more detailed description of these areas.  They can be found in the sidebar to the right under NEXRAD Trackers.