Sat 14 Apr 20120 – PNW Migration Update

Just a quick post before heading out into the field.

Minor movement last night and mostly out of the area.  The passing low is bringing plenty of weather all along the Pacific Flyway and all out of the north.  Not the best of conditions for migration.  I’d expect local opportunists to take advantage of local conditions but nothing widespread for the next couple of days.

That being said — all of the action was back east, and in  a BIG way!  Check out the national composite above, watch the loop here, and look-up the NEXRAD Trackers back east for details.

I will add; as you look at the loop that starts at 3 PM CDT, watch the Gulf Coast.  Those are trans-gulf migrants hitting the gulf shores after a day of flight.  It is simply awesome!  Thanks to David LaPuma’s tweeted heads up i got to watch it live yesterday.