Tues 10 Apr 2012 – PNW Migrtion update

Four in a row!  A very cooperative low pressure system is staying just off the coast bringing these dry and warm south winds.  The birds love it and so do PNW birders.  Local listserves are lit up with FOY, FOS, FOTY acronyms.

In the field: While darn near everybody in the Portland area has taken up residence at the Troutdale airport, stalwarts of the Pittock and Tabor oases are reporting the first Cassin’s Vireos. The Swifts, BTG, Wilson’s, and Nashville Warblers can’t be too far behind.

Regionally the composite from KMAX out of Medford shows the pipeline filling in nicely one more time.  Some weather continues along the Northern California coast and may slow things down a bit there, but the interior is lit up from San Diego to Seattle once again!

And in a repeat of yesterday’s report: Nationally: the low pressure complex from central Canada to  just off the New England coast is pretty much calling the shots.  Strong WNW winds and a frontal boundary set the northern limits of migration.  Below that the gulf and plains states are doing just fine.  Birds will be staging for the next leg north.  Take a look at the national picture play out here on the national composite loop.