Mon 09 Apr 2012 – PNW Migration Update

Wow!  Three days of excellent conditions for migration.  Three nights of flight over Portland.  Migration up the Pacific Flyway is in full gear mode.  Not much else to add to that.  Sweet!  The low pressure system is staying off shore providing excellent southerly flows and no local precipitation.  Perfect conditions for migrating birds.

I briefly got out yesterday and just for a morning walk with the family.  Rufous Hummers and Orange Crowned Warblers were making it known that the local avifauna’s composition is on the move.  The only other birds i was paying attention to yesterday were the Cardinals, Blue Jays, Catbirds, and Mockingbirds that could be heard in Augusta.  Not to mention the birdies, eagles, and the rarest bird of all — the DOUBLE EAGLE on #2!!

Regionally the composite from KMAX out of Medford shows the pipeline filling in nicely.  Some weather along the coast may slow things down a bit there but the interior is lit up from San Diego to Seattle!  Look busy — here they come!

Nationally: the low pressure complex from central Canada to  just off the New England coast is pretty much calling the shots.  Strong WNW winds and a frontal boundary set the northern limits of migration.  Below that the gulf and plains states are doing just fine.  Birds will be staging for the next leg north.  Take a look at the national picture play out here on the national composite loop.