Sun 08 Apr 2012 – PNW Migration Update

Good movement of birds last night.  Some weather along the coast dissipated as it came over the coast range.  We find ourselves on the leading edge of a low pressure system that is generating some south winds that the birds are taking advantage of.  Hopefully precipitation will be minimal with the passing of this new low.

There were a few scattered clouds to our north, and i’m not sure if they held any precipitation or not.  But if you find it was raining last night over your local patch — birds may have had to put down and they will be concentrated in the area.  Unless they scooted off to the east around the rain.

That’s two decent migration events in a row — get out there and start poking around.  New migrants are out there to be found.  Yesterday out on Sauvie Island: Common Yellowthroat could be located; there’s still a good number of Sandhill’s around, mostly in Columbia County; looks like all of the Snow Geese are gone as well as the Duskies.  Still plenty of Cacklers.  A large flock of about 15 Yellowlegs were in the flooded fields beyond the dike at the end of Rentenaar.  So things are changing out there.

Feel free to use the comment section to report your migration news.

To our south the CA/OR border looks to have had a band of precipitation from the coast inland.  This will cut off northbound traffic.  The rest of the flyway south however did see considerable movement last night.  This combination will stage birds that will flood north given the right conditions.

Nationally the birds continue to move with the weather.  There is a frontal boundary with associated precipitation arcing from Texas to Michigan and strong NW winds across the Northeast.  These features defined the limits of migration last night and local conditions defined the rest.  We see birds filling in the gulf states and working their way up the Ohio Valley as weather permits.  Expect birds to be concentrated where they are interrupted in flight by the advancing storms.