Thur 05 Apr 2012 – PNW Migration Update

Locally — nothing.  Intermittent precipitation, a slight westerly cross wind, and an empty pipeline equals major boring shit.

Light movement in the Sacramento area may stage a few birds.  And SoCal saw a slight increase in migration density.  That does it for the Pacific Flyway.

Nationally:  the frontal boundary that defined the northern extent of migration yesterday did the same thing last night — just a bit further east.  Texas to Florida saw significant movement with a gap here and there along the gulf coast.

An unusual high pressure ridge centered over the Hudson Bay area brought strong north winds to New England and the mid-Atlantic along it’s leading edge.  That coupled with the precipitation along the frontal boundary kept new birds out of the area and gave the existing ones time to disperse and hunker down.

The same high pressure system on it’s back side provided favorable southerly flow and clear skies.and the radars from La Crosse to Minot were lit up as the upper Midwest saw very dense night flight.

Interesting event over the Keys is played out in the three static images of KBYX.

Around 8 PM EDT (0300 UTC) birds can be seen taking off from Cuba and heading over the straits behind a storm that just passed off to the east.

A couple of hours later (0454 UTC) they are directly over the Keys and making landfall around Miami.  Notice the large storm headed their way off to the west and how the birds are reacting.

Another couple of hours (0648 UTC) and the storm has engulfed the area and the birds have put down.  Ok, so they’re not coming from Venezuela, but this is what i would call local “fall out” conditions.