Tues 03 Apr 2012 – PNW Migration Update

Game On!

Well, if you liked the weather yesterday?  The migrants liked it even better last night.  The Pacific Flyway was lit up from Sacramento to Seattle.  The winds and precipitation abated as the Pacific weather systems stalled out.  A grand window of opportunity opened and the birds took note. Finally – Angles aloft!  The local flight last night was heavy and wide spread.

I put a series of Regional Composites from Seattle to Sacramento — north to south the stations are KATX (Seattle), KRTX (Portland), KMAX (Medford), KDAX (Sactamento).

Be on the lookout for the next wave of swallows (Cliff, Rough-wing, and possibly Barn), some of the early shorebirds (Yellowlegs and Dowitchers), and the first of the warblers (Yellowthroats and Black-throated Grays).  The only caveat that i would insert here is; a lot depends on what is in the pipeline.  It’s possible, due to our wet, wet March, that our migration phenology will be set back a week or two.  But no matter, it really is the best day, so far, for migrants this season!

It’s hard to tell right now how this will play out but it looks like the low to our north will be pushed above us as a ridge of high pressure moves on shore to our south.  We may get some clouds and precipitation on the trailing edge of the low, but it will be brief as we will be on the southern boundary.  The wind will be key in the next few days.

Nationally the picture is the same as yesterday – just shifted a bit eastward as the low pressure system marches towards the Atlantic.  Notable is the large influx of birds into Texas.