A New Regional Radar in the PNW???

This post is not about migration directly and it takes just a wee bit of explanation.  From the Clemson site on radar and migration:

“Sun strobes occur when a radar antenna points directly at the sun. The antenna receives a massive dose of electromagnetic radiation, read by radar as high density and shown as high reflectivity for one or two radials. The NEXRAD data collected at CUROL represent scans of the lowest elevation angle (0.5 degrees) for the radar, so sun strobes appear only when the sun is rising and setting. In reflectivity images sun strobes are apparent as bright colored spikes, while in velocity images they are apparent as purple spikes (range folding). The position of sun strobes on a radar image changes daily through the year as the path of the sun changes. “

What does a sun strobe look like?  Well, it looks like this: (click on thumbnail for larger image)

Notice how there are FOUR strobes? Now, i know of our station here in Portland: RTX, and the one to our north in Seattle: ATX, and the one down south at the bottom of the image out of Medford: MAX.  But where is that fourth strobe coming from?  I don’t see it represented on the Real Time Weather site.

I was wondering how we were able to see more migrants over the Olympics on the Regional Composit (which i really don’t look at that often).  It looks like it is out of Gray’s Harbor.

If anybody knows check in with the details please.

UPDATE: Yes, there is a new NEXRAD station on the west coast: KGLX!  Located just north of Gray’s Harbor in Copalis Beach.  Here is some info.  I hope Real Time Weather gets the feed on line as it will provide a much better look at birds migrating along the coast!