Sun 01 Apr 2012 — PNW Migration Update

No local movement could be detected last night.  If some birds were sneaking in or out of the area they would have been obscured by clouds.

Strong north winds in California kept birds out of the Pacific Flyway.  These are developing from a rather strong high pressure ridge out over the Pacific.  Sheesh, maybe it will work it’s way north!

Nationally we see the Central Flyway from Texas to North Dakota witnessing heavy migration. Strong NNW winds over Florida through the mid-Atlantic kept birds grounded along the Atlantic Flyway.

eBird has updated their latest forecast for April 1st


2 thoughts on “Sun 01 Apr 2012 — PNW Migration Update

  1. Hey, Greg H., I think I’m figuring these radar images out. See if you agree.

    10 PM tonight, 4/1, and a good flight of birds is LEAVING Portland. A lesser number of birds are flying over Sacramento and Los Angeles, but not much else in California. Just a few birds appear to be heading TO Portland from Medford.

    Of course, I have plans for tomorrow morning, so someone else will have to fugure out what’s coming our way.

    Greg G.


    • Looks about right.
      There is a pretty big radar gap between Portland and Medford. So, anything south of Salem is kind of “dark”. Medford last night, as far as migration goes, was a non-event. I’ll put a static reflectivity plot in today’s post.

      As far as California — you’re spot on. Sacramento area saw the largest flight in the state. The flight in the L.A. area is really quite weak, but the signature is highly likely to be our little angles. Concentrated along the coastal areas.

      Too bad you can’t go take a look for us today because the birds that did come into the Metro area last night are concentrated in west county along the foothills.


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