Thurs 22 Mar 2012

Two major low pressure systems are impacting northbound migrants.

Obvious to us here in the Willamette Valley is the one parked off shore north of Vancouver Island dragging cold arctic air down into the area and dumping all this snow!  We have a large swath of precipitation stretching from Northern California to Montana.  Even if some birds are sneaking through during the lulls, the radar wont be able to pick them up.  But, more than likely, they’re just going to hunker down and wait.  Forecast is for a break from this system and pattern of storms come Saturday and Sunday.  Let’s hope.

Good news for the area is that there is still a little movement in Southern and Central California to be found;  filling up the pipeline and priming the pump.

The second is the one slowly moving  east and currently centered over the panhandle of Oklahoma.  You can see the storm clouds circling the low.  Where the skies are still clear the migrants are filing in.  Behind the storm front in Texas, and throughout the Ohio valley.  the Minot radar is lit up again with more favorable winds.  This system will continue it’s slow advance eastward.  Expect migration to shut down along the storm front but fill in behind it depending on the strength of the NW winds on the trailing edge of the low.  Currently the atmospheric dynamics are effectively shutting down these winds.

Sunset last night: 7:25 PM PDST