Tues 20 Mar 2012

As noted yesterday — nothing is going to happen here in the Pacific NW until we get out of the precipitation.  The strong low off the coast of BC will be bring more rain and the situation is not much better to the south.  No migration for us in the near future.

Nationally the situation has changed with the advancing storm system running from Texas to Minnesota.  No migration behind the system but it is still happening east of weather.

Note the advancing birds in the Brownsville Texas area.  They are running right into the storm front and will have to put down.  I’m not sure if this is a classic fall-out situation but i will be looking at the Texas listserve to monitor the chatter.  (Update: D.L. over at woodcreeper.com has tweeted a radar image from the area.  It definitely looks like a fallout event.  I put the KBRO radar image in today’s gallery.  Notice the fairly high density to the south of the storm.)  (Update 2 3:00PM PDST:  eBird takes note of fallout conditions along the gulf coast)

North Dakota — our darling the past couple of days — nada.  They’re behind the storms.  I did check in on their listserve yesterday.  It’s not real active and, as is the case with most listserves, is dominated by the vocal minority.  So reporting is spotty and localized with no reports from the Minot area (radar site).  Anyway, my best guess from what information i could piece together is that the migration is composed mainly of Ducks and Geese at this time.