Mon 19 Mar 2012

Fairly strong southerly winds up the Mississippi/Central flyways brought another night of northbound birds.  Densities along the gulf coast remain the highest, but most areas east of the Rockies saw some night flight.

What’s up with N. Dakota!?  The national snapshot does not show just how dense the exodus bloom really was so I put in a static reflectivity shot to showcase just what’s really going on there. (Radar Station KMBX out of Minot/Deering) I’ve got to dig around the interwebs and find out what is happening over there.

Locally – just a wee bit of movement last night.  It’s difficult to discern because the radar was in precipitation mode most of the evening.  I put in velocity plot and you can see the S to N directionality of some migrants.  But as you can see they are far and few between.  I don’t see this situation changing much until we can get clear of the precipitation.  And that does not seem likely in the near future – read the synopsis from the NWS.

South of us there doesn’t appear to be any movement at all.  Strong Northwest winds off shore in SoCal may stall some migrants.

The eBird/NOAA collaboration has put up the latest BirdCast Migration Forecast as well as a report on last week’s forecast.