Fri 16 Mar 2012

Rain continues and quite heavily to our south along the OR/CA border.  This will stall widespread regional migration.  Strong west winds along the coast will be pushing seabirds into shore for you sea watchers out there.  There may be some local reshuffling during breaks in the rain and some adventurous souls may brave the precipitation but i wouldn’t expect any significant waves of migrants to have moved into the state last night.

So lets look at the national picture where the birds are actually moving north.  (the local RTX loop is included in the gallery)

Northern Florida and the southeastern coast states had the highest densities last night.  Texas is still a hot spot.  And some movement can be seen in most of the Midwest and east.

I put in a shot of the KBYX radar out of Key West because it captures a flight leaving Cuba.  The neotropicals are on their way.  I’m not familiar with the phenology down there but the warblers can’t be too far behind and i’d expect to be hearing about their return on the interwebs soon.

Let’s hope for a break in this PNW storm track (but it doesn’t look likely).  Sunset last night was at 7:17 PM PDST.