Mon 12 Mar 2012

Sunset last night: 7:12 PM PDST

The scattered precipitation associated with the strong low pressure trough sitting off the coast has effectively shut down widespread movement.  A few opportunistic birds may scoot between showers, but nothing major.

When i got out on Saturday i found large concentrations of swallows in suitable habitat, mostly Tree Swallows with about one in every twenty five or so being a Violet-green.  I could not find any Barn or Northern Rough-wings.  Also i did not come across any Rufus Hummers or any of the other early migrants.

I rarely bird the coast and the focus of this blog is the Portland area but, any migrating seabirds along the coast should be pushed in closer to shore for any sea watchers.  I suppose it will depend on local conditions for viewing.  Anyway, there are some rather strong winds out of the WSW becoming more southerly at the surface.

I put an image of the national radar composite taken last night at 7:59 PM PDST.  Densities are still not very high but you can clearly see the movement up the Atlantic flyway and filling in behind the storm system moving across the Midwest.

eBird has put up another BirdCast for Mar 9 – 15.  It’s definately worth the read if you have the time.