Fri 09 Mar 2012

Winds have shifted and are out of the SSW.  Add some clear skies and we have lift off!

Significant movement into and out of the Portland area last night.  Densities are still not at their peak but i am curious as to what the new wave has brought in.

The birds are showing strong North to South directionality and at speeds of 35 to 40 knots — booking!

I took advantage of the nice weather yesterday and birded the Columbia from Eagle Creek to Wittaker Ponds.  FOS Turkey Vulture and Tree Swallows were observed.

I was going to post about yersteday’s movement but i screwed up the blog interface and just didn’t bother trying to repost.  Anyway, the images are on another computer but the short of yesterday’s movement was: Light and unconsolidated winds aloft, fairly strong surface winds moving down the gorge and we saw only exodus from the Portland area, no significant movement into the area.  Probably Sauvie Island and Ridgefield denizens moving northward.