Wed 07 Mar 2012

Clear night with no night flight.

The high pressure system sitting offshore is bringing moderate northerly winds and cold air out in front of it.  Migrants, not in any hurry this early in the season, are not moving into the wind preferring to wait for more advantageous conditions.

If you look back to the last post it is interesting to note that even a NW wind was stimulus enough to get the birds into the air.  I would expect those birds to be ducks, geese, and early shore birds moving north; reshuffling and staging themselves.  I can’t get out to verify that but we did see some eBird reports of Yellowlegs and peeps showing up in the valley.

You can see from the reflectivity loop that nothing was in the air last night except high clouds early in the evening.  These can be seen also in the 6:06 PM velocity image and the clearing of the skies by 10:06 PM.

Whereas the birds are not going to move into the leading edge of the high pressure system — it does bode well for some clear weather over the next couple of days.


Just in via twitter from @woodcreeper –Bang! the SE blows up with early #spring #migration.

I put up the 9:18 PM EST national radar reflectivity composite showing the bloom across the southeast.  If you take a look at the wind plots above you can clearly see the conditions the birds are exploiting to move north.