Mon 03 Oct 2011

First image is of the winds aloft at 850 mb (approx 5000 ft). As the low front advances the winds are picking up on it’s leading edge; 25 to 30 knots out of the south in the western part of the state .  Where as yesterday the storms were isolated, last night they were pretty steady and wide spread.  There was no visible sign of migration over the area last night.  So no new birds would be expected in the area.  Conversely, birds didn’t move out of the area either.

Second image is of the surface winds and pressure.  Lighter than aloft but with a southerly bias.

Third image is a snapshot of the base velocity showing precipitation moving with the prevailing winds to the NNE.

Fourth image is the animated gif with snapshots every half hour of the base reflectivity above radar station RTX.  The radar was in precipitation mode last night.  All targets appear to be precipitation. Animation runs from around 8:00 pm pdst yesterday evening through 5:00 am pdst this morning. (Click on the thumbnails to view the full-sized images and animation.)

Sunset last night was at 6:49 pm pdst.

Good birding!