Mon 26 Sept 11

We’re still waiting out this cold front, so again today there is not much to report.  This low pressure system is just hanging off shore and until it moves on conditions will not be favorable for south bound migrants.

The best we can hope for is that the lower velocity winds inland will allow some adventurous souls to brave the storms and get on with business.  This was not apparent on last night’s radar, but it was in precipitation mode off and on last night which makes interpretation a bit more difficult for me. You can see it go in and out on last nights gif (above).  When there is a sudden expansion in apparent density that’s when it switches into precip mode.

Below is a snapshot of the base velocity which shows some N>S directionality, so maybe some birds are on the move.  But it was very limited.

The winds off the coast are SSW turning WSW as they hit land.  Up north, once you move inland, the winds favor the staging of birds over to the Central Flyways.

Speaking of the conditions up north, the Tatlayoko Lake Bird Observatory up in BC has closed for the season due to this weather.

2 thoughts on “Mon 26 Sept 11

  1. Thanks for the honourable mention! ;) We are just finishing up here at TLBO. We may be closed but we have had a couple good sightings the past few days!
    Good birding,


  2. Hi Avery.

    I’ve followed your blog since i found it last fall. Naturally being south of you your fall banding and census counts are of more interest. Not sure we actually see any of your birds. In fact i’m pretty sure we don’t see all of them like the Catbird and the Redstarts. But it is still interesting none the less.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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