Thurs 22 Sept 2011

First image is of the winds aloft at 850 mb (approx 5000 ft). The cold front continues to move eastward bringing strong, 20 to 30 knot, ESE winds with it.  There wont be many birds encouraged to move into that.  Take a look at the regional composite below.  Everything was grounded last night.

Second image is of the surface winds and pressure.  Matching the winds aloft in directionality but considerably calmer.

The best news of the day — RTX is back on line as of 3:30 AM PDST this morning!  We should be getting downloads starting tomorrow hopefully.

(Click on the thumbnails to view the full-sized images.)

Sunset last night was at 7:10 pm pdst.

Below is a snapshot of  regional picture.  Regionally there was no movement to our north.  In fact it is the lowest density of the season.  Looks like we are going to have to wait this one out until we get any new birds moving into the area.