Mon 05 Sept 2011

First image is of the winds aloft at 850 mb (approx 5000 ft). Winds over the state were light and variable.

Second image is a snapshot of the base velocity showing north to south directionality at a peak of 20 to 25knots.

Third image is an animated gif with snapshots every half hour of the base reflectivity above radar station RTX.  Animation runs from around 8:00 pm pdst yesterday evening through 5:00 am pdst this morning. (Click on the thumbnails to view the full-sized images and animation.)

Sunset last night was at 7:43 pm pdst.

Density was the heaviest we’ve seen this season.  Plenty of new birds should be in the area today.

The main migration story comes out of the Mississippi and Central flyway.  After weeks of southerly winds they shifted to northerly as the recent tropical depression moved inland.  The radars were lit up!  Conversely, the eastern flyway was shut down from the southern winds associated with the leading edge of the same front.  You can also see the wide band of rain along the Appalachians in the image below.